Because of the coronavirus outbreak, business leaders have reorganized their supply chains, set up remote operations, and made tough financial decisions. This is what an Executive Briefing from the consultancy company McKinsey shares with the public.

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This article will overview how the pandemic impacted the tech industry and sketch 5…

Should IT implementation have to be done quickly, how long does it usually take? One week, or maybe one month? Or a year? This is a pretty complicated question to which CIOs and IT Directors usually answer; “It depends upon multiple factors.”

We’ve been challenged many times by this question…

Three key outcomes we can learn from

It shouldn’t be rocket science to do a backup and protect your systems. At least what we at Adepto think when it comes to IT infrastructure protection despite some critical cases that can happen.

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How many complicated cases you have in your life…

Adepto USA

Adepto USA is a US entity, part of the Lirex group based in the EU, and it’s highly skilled in Backup-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service and managed services

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